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# Azure

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# Azure Geographies:

58 Regions available across 140 Countries

# Pared Regions

Each region is pared with another region 300 miles away. One region is updated at a time to ensure no outages Services are relied on pared region for Disaster Recovery

# Region Types and Service Availability

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# Special Regions

Has specialised regions to meet compliance or legal reasons

# AZ supported Regions

Alternate or Other will not have support for AZ. The Regions with atleast 3 AZs are:

# Availability zone (AZ)

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# Fault and Update Domain

Fault Domain is a logical grouping of hardware to avoid a single point of failure within an AZ

Update Domain is used when Azure needs to apply updates to the underlying hardware and software. (Azure make sure by using update domain to eliminate downtime)

Availability Set is a logical grouping that can be configured in Azure to ensure that the VMs are placed in different fault/update domains to avoid downtime.

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# Computing Services

# Storage Services

# Database Services

# Application Integration Services

# Developer and Mobile Tools

# Azure DevOps Services

Azure devops is basically a Azure Boards Azure Pipelines Azure Repos Azure Test Plans (manual and exploratory testing tools like Azure Artifacts Azure DevTest Labs

# Azure Resource Manager (ARM)

IaC of Azure, Azure Resources Manager or ARM allows you to create Azure resources via Json templates.

Azure QuickStart is a library of pre-made ARM templates provided by the community and partners to help you quickly launch new projects for a variety of stack scenarios

# Azure Virtual Networks

vNet is a logically isolated section of Azure Network where you launch your Azure resources. you choose a CIDR range to be used within the network.

Subnet is a logical partition of an IP network to breakup the IP-ranges within a vNet. The CIDRs range must be smaller than the vNets. There could be Public or Private Subnets.

# Cloud-Native Networking Services

# Enterprise/Hybrid Networking Services

# Scale Sets

This allows you to group together identical virtual machines and automatically increase or decrease the amount of servers based on:

Similar to AWS EC2 auto scaling groups.

# IOT Services

# Big Data and Analytics Services

# AI/ML Services

# Serverless Services

Highly Available, Scaleable, and Cost-effective solution that could be Event Driven Scaled, Abstract Servers, and ** Bill in microseconds for cost effectiveness**.

Azure Portal is a web based, unified console as an alternative to azure cli. There are also Azure Preview Portal to utilize new features.

Azure CLI Supported on Windows, Mac and Linux and can be used to manage Azure resources via CLI.

PowerShell is a task automation and configuration management framework. Can be used as a command-line shell and a scripting language like bash. It is built on top of .NET Common Language Runtime, it accepts and returns .Net objects.

Azure PowerShell are a set of cmdlets for managing Azure resources directly from PowerShell command Line

Azure Cloud Shell is and interactive, authenticated browser-accessible shell for managing azure resources via Bash or PowerShell.

Visual Studio Code is a free source-code editor.